Friend Eddie, Alla Prima

Alla Prima Portrait Painting of Eddie

Eddie Alla Prima, oil-on-board, 12×12″, 2018.


Friend Eddie … this one was painted in my usual way, no drawing, just painted directly and quickly. The previous one was an experiment where I drew the portrait onto canvas with pencil first – I’m not sure which method is best.

Friend Eddie

Oil Portrait Painting of Eddie

Eddie, oil-on-board, 16×16″, 2018.

Oil painting of Friend, Eddie – a departure from my usual, alla prima method – here, I did a detailed pencil drawing before painting (16×16″)

Lulu oil-portrait from photograph

Painting from photographs is strangely harder to do than from life, where there is so much more information to interpret from… but still great fun!

Lulu Allison Oil Portrait by Pierre HALE

​Pierre Halé, oil-painting of Lulu Allison, 2018, 12″x12″, canvas-board.

New Website!

​Pierre Halé oil-painting self-portrait, 2018

Self-portrait, 2018

Welcome to my new website, Art lovers!
I started this website because I have been painting more figuratively lately and I need a fresh platform from which to reach out and expose my wares – up until recently, my work has been large, semi-figurative, grabbing paint tubes almost randomly and making it work.
I was doing this and loving it, but a new interest in drawing grabbed me – about three years ago, I got mildly obsessed with drawing again, as I had been as a kid – I even joined a life-drawing class. This led to an interest in more traditional aspects of Art, such as colour theory, figurative painting, etc.
I started painting landscapes a year ago and this led to painting my nephew, Jem, one day when the rain was just too severe – he said “why don’t you paint me?” I was hooked – nothing could compete with the thrill of portrait painting!